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Joey Nash is a self-taught Professional Artist who was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1953.  She has lived many places, but she now calls the beautiful Village of Chase , B.C. home and is delighted to put down roots, at last.  She began painting in 1979 & was exhibiting in Galleries in Vancouver, B.C. within the year.  She became an Active member of The Federation of Canadian Artists the first time she applied.

A life change caused a return to Kamloops in 2002.  Her passion for Art still had to be honoured & shared with others, so, she focused on teaching.  Joey loved to share her passion for art & quickly became a favourite Teacher for Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops Recreation & Culture & taught privately as well.  She explored various mediums & techniques while helping her students to find their voices as Artists &, when time off allowed, she produced over 40 paintings in one year.

Due to the encouragement of her much loved students, 2006 marked a rededication to her career.  She celebrated her 1st Solo Show, received wide acclaim for her painting "Maggie", which won Juror's Choice, People's Choice & the prestigeous Patterson Award at the Shuswap Festival of the Arts.  Joey is an accomplished Wildlife Artist & Portrait Painter.  "There is something in the work (Nash's) that demands one's time" (Rafe Arnott,Kamloops This Week,Feb 8/05)  Her favourite medium is Oil, but she produces beautiful Watercolours & Rendered Drawings as well.

Driftwood Paintings are a new, fresh & inspiring direction for Joey's work.  The animals are often already "in the wood" and it is a joyous experience to bring them out.  The price points are very affordable for average humans, which adds to the joy.