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Rosie Remembered

Rosie began as a small, black & white photo of an Unknown Woman from an Unknown Tribe by an Unknown photographer that was sent to me by my Cousin. She looked beaten by life. I found the idea that her life could be lived & forgotten very disturbing so eventually, I decided to paint her. I portrayed her clothing in "Royal" colours & contrasted that with the patches on her clothing & her care worn skin. I brushed her hair and gave her some dignity but, the most important thing I did was to give her a name so, she became "Rosie Remembered". The rocks are there to suggest permanence & endurance. NEW CHAPTER FOR ROSIE! A Wonderful Woman who is a Healer saw Rosie recently and recognized her as the Spirit Elder who has been assisting her in her healings for the last 30 years! She felt compelled to purchase a print of her and she kindly shared her story. Oil 24x30? Original still available. HELP, PLEASE - If you are or know this Healer, please contact me - My Dog ate your info - Thanks!