Art-In-School Residencies

One of the most satisfying things that I do as an Artist is to help others discover their voices as Artists.  When I work as an Artist-In-Residence, I have a chance to do that for a whole school full of young Artists for an extended period of time.  It is a happy time.  We brainstorm, plan a theme and execute a vision over the course of several weeks or months.   The gifts for them are varied and life-changing.   The gift for me is to see the magic happen! 

Endorsement -
I can say, that as a Helper and a "Hands-on" Support Person in this project, I learned some helpful tools of the trade. I was able to pass that learning along to our students. Some things I can recall that were very important are:
-First, how to plan on paper, draw, look at books, magazines, etc...will inspire ideas.
-Draw rough drafts of ideas, as many as you like, not about perfection-Joey calls it "Brainstorming".
-Joey teaches respecting materials, proper care and cleaning, protect the bristles on brush,don't damage or waste.
-She taught us to work from background forward, how to choose colours, mix 3 or get texture, shades, highlights, etc. Also, outlining objects to show crisp, clean work(Great for Primary work that goes astray!)
-Most important, Joey taught patience, accepting that mistakes are sometimes meant to be, with Art.
-Appreciate the process and celebrate the results, even when the plan changes...
-Be creative, express and accept the amazing journey that takes you on.
Those are some things all of us who participated were lucky to experience.  It is life changing inside and out.
The children will never forget "Joey Nash" nor will I... We Thank Joey and respect her talents!
Inspired Collegue and Friend, Christina Boyer

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